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Repair Rates:

Diagnostic & Troubleshooting Fee*

Diagnostic Fee Handheld Equipment*

** Diagnostic Fee Will Be Deducted From The Labor Portion Of Your Bill If You Choose To Have Recommended Repair Performed.

Posted Labor Rates

Handheld & Small Equipment:
$55.00 Per Hour

Industrial Handheld Equipment:
$55.00 Per Hour

Residential Riding Lawnmowers:
$55.00 Per Hour

Commercial/Zero Turn Lawnmowers:
$55.00 Per Hour

Motorcycles,ATV’s & Utillity Vehicles:
$55.00 Per Hour

Boats,Jet Ski’s & Watercraft:
$55.00 Per Hour

Golf Carts & Turf Equipment:
$55.00 Per Hour

Small Tractors & Farm Equipment:
$55.00 Per Hour

Pressure Washers:
$55.00 Per Hour

$55.00 Per Hour

Log Splitters:
$55.00 Per Hour

$55.00 Per Hour

Power Trowels:
$55.00 Per Hour

Pick up and Delivery Fees:
$45.00 Round Trip *Includes Accident Insurance

Tune Up Special Rates

Push Mowers:
$30.00 + Parts

Commercial / Zero Turn Lawnmowers:
$130.00 + Parts

Residential Riding Lawnmowers:
$80.00 + Parts

Pressure Washers/Generators:
$30.00 + Parts

Weed Trimmer and Leaf Blowers:
$30.00 + Parts

Motorcycle/ATV & Utility Vehicles:
$100.00 + Parts

Log Splitters:
$59.00 + Hydraulic Fluid

** Pick Up & Delivery Is Available For $45.00 Round Trip

Tune Ups Include

1. Check engine compression
2. Change oil and oil filter
3. Inspect Deck and Drive Belts
4. Inspect & Replace spark plug(s) if needed
5. Inspect & Replace air filter if needed
6. Inspect & Replace pre-air filter if needed
7. Replace or install new fuel filter (If Equipped)
8. Sharpen or replace blade(s)
9. Adjust valves (If OHV Engine)
10. Load test battery to determine overall condition of battery
11. Check battery terminals and cable ends for corrosion
12. Test and check charging system output
13. Grease all grease points
14. Inflate tires to specification (This does not include repairing leaks)
15. (On Commercial Units) Adjust Drive Controls
16. Adjust cables and linkages
17. Adjust and clean carburetor if necessary
18. Check condition of deck for rusting or cracks
19. Check and adjust cutting deck level and height
20. Inspect transaxle/pumps for leaks or abnormal wear (pumps will be pressure tested)
21. Check and test for proper operation of all electrical wiring and components
22. Visual and physical inspection of equipment for, loose, worn or missing parts
22. Start & Test equipment functionality

Customer Service Agreement

Payment is due upon completion of work. No equipment will be returned until payment has been made prior to or at the time of delivery.
Equipment will remain in the possession of Massie Small Engine until payment has been received in full. A storage fee of $35.00 per month is applied on all items not picked up within 7 days of completed repair.
After 90 days, any and all equipment that has not been paid for in full will become the property of Massie Small Engine and will be sold to cover repair costs, pick up and delivery and storage fees.